BTS Freezar DOOR


Door Details

  • Fast
    - 10 second cycle time (opening and closing times)

  • Solid
    - The housing protects mechanic and electronic parts up to -30 ℃

  • Insulated
    - 100 mm thick ISO-Panel

  • Economic
    - Waiting times will be reduced so energy loss will be minimized.
    - Costs for personal and energy saved.
The Problem

All persons who run a frozen storage know the daily challenges of this work field.

A smoothly and fast flow of goods is the basis to reach profitable work results. The right choose and function of doors is one of the main keys to reach this goal.

Up to now there are often doors installed, that do not meet all needed challenges concerning working speed, insulation, robustness and cost effectiveness.

Either, there are good insulated but slow auto- matic sliding doors applicated, or fast speed doors without any insulation.

The solution

The Troodon-BTS Freezar is the first high speed door for freezer applications which combinates a good in- sulation and a high working speed.

Furthermore the innovative design of the BTS Freezar gives the operators additional benefits like the possiblity to install it on the cold side up to -30 C°, to change the head-part with all important technical equipment by fork-lift in a few minutes and to lease instead to buy.

Accelerates your Freezer-Logistics!

Why increases the BTS Freezar the turn over of goods?

Conventional used automated sliding doors allow a max. opening- and closing speed of aprox 0,2 m/s. That means for a sliding door with 3000 mm width approx. 40 seconds for one cycle (opening, open hold and closing). The high opening and closing speed of the BTS Freezar reduces the time for one cycle to 10 seconds.

This difference shows clearly, waiting times will be reduced, energy loss minimized. Costs for personal and energy saved.

Why minimizes the BTS Freezar failure times?

Everybody knows the problem of damaged doors created by hits from fork lifts, or the failure of door safety components like safety edges or spiral cables. In the worst case the doors a standing open for hours or days. These failure times causes high energy loss and unintended icing.

The BTS Freezar sets new standards concerning door safety. A safety light curtain in accordance to DIN EN 13241 integrated in the side columns protects the user. By recognizing people or fork lifts earlier the safety increases and the probabilitiy of damages will be reduced. For any case, that the curtain will get hit by a fork lift, it will pushed out of the side columns. After the next opening cycle it resets itself. The work can go on.

Why ist the BTS Freezar so functional?

Sometime, less is more! One of the main goals by designing the BTS Freezar had been to create a product with a high function and a clear design. As a result the BTS Freezar contains no wearing parts like chains, ropes, belts or springs. Therefore the BTS Freezar consits two high performance motors located in the head- part of the door. Here they are protected against coolness and other influences, which could inter- fere their function. The motors are controlled by two freqency con-verter control boxes. On the one hand they allow the fast run of the door and on the other hand they slow down the speed, when the curtain comes to the limits. This allows a wear-free function.

The Door!

The BTS Freezar is developped to face the problems of cold storge applications. A lot of other door solutions which had been installed in such applications could not meet the needed requirements especially concerning to thermal bridges. Also the insert of heating systems could not solve the problmes.

The BTS Freezar is desigend without any thermal bridges. The whole construction, side columns and head, is covered by a 100 mm thick ISO-Panel.

This housing protects the mechanic and elctrical parts against coldness and ice up to -30 ℃. So the BTS Freezar is useful as a retrofit on the cold side, when there is already a sliding on the warm side installed.

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