High Speed Roll Door

Door Details

  • Fast
  • Durable
  • Industrial
  • Rigid

ALUSPEED is Turkey's first domestic aluminum roll door capable of working at 2.5-3 m/s speed. The standard opening speed of the door is 1 m/s.

After using the shutter curtain doors on the market, there is pressure, friction and damage marks on the door due to the lamellae wrapping on each other. If ALUSPEED is your door, it will work independently, as do the profiles in other shutter applications. Thanks to this patented solution, even when the door is used for a long time, it remains unscratched and beautiful like the first day.

The sound that the door extracts while running is so low that you will not even realize it works.

Single wing steel frame door
with an integrated high speed door

  •  It is a very insulated door due to its special structure. It will save you energy.
  •  The door reaches a speed of 3 m/s.
  •  German motor system with digital encoder
  •  Panel with inverter (soft start and stop), shielded inverter
  •  The profiles do not overlap like other doors, they work independently. When this door is used for a long time, it will remain unscratched and beautiful like the first day. There is pressure, dents and scratches on the product after the first use on the active doors in the market (interlocking).
  •  The side surfaces that are used in this door are supported by a patented rubber profile, which allows as quiet as possible. You will not even realize that the door works.
  •  The ground profile prevents dust and wind coming from outside and at the same time allows the door to make a soft landing.
  •  In case of power shortage, the door can be opened and closed manually with the help of a manual arm. It is also possible to control by remote control depending on demand.
  •  The complex carrier system creates a rigid system of thick aluminum profiles, providing visual elegance.
  •  It is possible to dye every desired RAL color.
  •  High level security safeguards. Protecting the door with 2.500 mm height photocell (9 eyes). End up on the door.
  •  Thanks to the German motor with digital encoder, you never lose your door position. It protects you from unnecessary expenses such as extra switch setting which is the profit source of other door firms.

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